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At a young age, JOSTA developed a deep love for painting and drawing, which continues to this day. After graduating from high school, he started to study journalism before completing an apprenticeship at the renowned Krauss drama school. JOSTA gained valuable experience during his time on tour with a theater company and his appearances in various TV productions. At the same time he developed his writing skills as a screenwriter and worked as a script doctor, developed concepts for film and television projects and wrote for the well-known TV series "Schlosshotel Orth". 
At the turn of the millennium, JOSTA founded the film and video production company SDG Austria, where he was able to contribute his creative energy in the areas of directing, editing, graphic and motion design. This phase allowed him to further develop his artistic skills and express his passion for visual design. A few years ago, JOSTA returned to its roots in classical painting. His pictures, which he often creates with a palette knife and strong colors, bear witness to an unmistakable style. At the same time, he remained true to his personal preference for drawing with pen and paper. 
JOSTA has specialized in expressive, large-format portraits, semi-abstract charcoal works and recently also in pictures of automobiles. From oldtimers to youngtimers to concept cars, he masters the subtle and unobtrusive adaptation of his style to the respective motif. His artworks are characterized by technical finesse, emotional expressiveness and aesthetic appeal. 
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of JOSTA and let yourself be inspired by his artistic versatility and passion. Discover his striking portraits, the refined abstraction of his charcoal work and the fascinating images of automobiles. JOSTA masterfully combines craftsmanship with artistic expression in its works and creates unique works of art that will inspire you. 


JOSTA also works on commission.


Style of Painting

A painting is an echo of time, a mirror of society and a bridge between past, present and future.


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