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Commissioned Work

"A bespoke piece of art is more than just a decorative piece - it is an investment in emotion, memory and artistic sophistication."

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Unique art to order: portraits and more according to your wishes!


Welcome to the world of individual art! As an experienced artist and painter, I offer you bespoke paintings that tell your story. Whether portraits of beloved relatives or other captivating motifs - I adapt my painting style perfectly to your ideas.


Customization: Your vision is the focus. I design each artwork to suit your unique desires.

Portraits that touch: My portraits not only capture the outside, but also the essence of the person. Each work is an emotional connection to your loved ones.

Versatile Painting Style: From realistic to abstract, I master a wide range of styles to bring your subject to life.

Photo templates welcome: Your high-resolution digital photos serve as the perfect starting point. I paint the essence of your subject with meticulous precision.


Thats how it works:


Contact me: Tell me your ideas and the photo as a template.

Your unique work of art: Based on your wishes, I will design the concept for your individual masterpiece.

Immortalizing emotions: With passion and skill, I paint a work of art that captures the soul of your subject.

Show and Share: Your artwork will be delivered on time, ready to be admired and shared!


Invest in the beauty of the art that tells your story.

Contact me today to discuss your custom painting order!


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