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Discover the fascinating world of "City Amazon" - a breathtaking series that focuses on the modern, self-confident woman in today's urban jungle. Immerse yourself in a futuristic aesthetic where the powerful female heads merge into a unique visual symphony of technology, mythology and contemporary art.


Each image reveals the strength and fighting spirit of these remarkable women. Their expressiveness is unmistakable, while their heads are adorned with graceful references to sci-fi helmets, pharaonic headgear or robot-like elements. The skilful use of splashes of color and dynamic brushstrokes create vibrant compositions that capture the vibrant energy of the big city.


Majestic high-rise buildings stand out in the lower part of the images, perfectly capturing the image of a modern metropolis. The lines between the women's heads and the skyscrapers are sometimes blurred, showing the connection between the confident woman and her urban environment. This connection is reminiscent of the legendary Amazons of ancient myth, who were equally strong and independent, forging their own path in a male-dominated world.


Embark on a journey to the "City Amazons" - the fearless heroines of the urban jungle!

Each work can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. By default, we print on Hahnemühle art paper with an elegant black frame. But we also offer a wealth of other options. From printing on real glass to Aludibond brushed direct printing to photo wallpaper. CONTACT

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