I was born in Vienna and I grew up in Mauer, a nice fringe area of Vienna.

Actually I am a video producer with experiences in graphic & motion design, video editing, compositing, 3D modelling & CGI. Long, long time ago I graduated acting school and played some characters in TV series and movies. Meanwhile I studied screenwriting and wrote for a well-known TV show. A few years I enjoyed story development and script doctoring for various TV productions. Since 2003 I ran a company in producing image videos, product videos and event videos for national and international companies.

I drew a lot in younger years but I started focussing on other artistic areas for a very long period in my life. Now after more than 30 years of doing anything else I grabbed the paintbrush and palette knife again and couldn't stop painting anymore... ;-)

Mostly I paint on larger canvases and I prefer palette knife to classic brushes. My paintings aren't that realistic but I want the viewer to still recognize the idol. I love to leave some spots unclear, sometimes it seems smudged or unfinished but I bet your mind put it already together :-) Much as I like that sort of inaccuracy I focus on the most important part of a portrait, the doors of perception, the eyes.

My paintings have no messages but to entertain and to make a room a bit more colorful.

I work on commission.

josta studio_dload_von_wix_02.jpg

Style of painting

"It's all about dark and light and everything in between."

- Josta -